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Giới thiệu Cao Lao Hạ»Cao Lao Hạ in English

Family shrines and customs in Cao Lao Hạ

This article will complement a previous one written by Mr. Lưu Văn Lộc (“Family shrines – a distinct value of Cao Lao Hạ”) in order to present a complete picture on traditional culture of families in Cao Lao Hạ.

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Caolaoha.com - 2 year existing and developing summary report

On this occasion, the Editorial Board would like to review the operation of the site in the past two years and proposed the development mission for the upcoming 2013.

The ancient village of Cao Lao Ha

The Cao Lao Ha Village-Ha Trach faces to the mountain, and behind is a river, looks like a dragon boat, the high mast is the Ky Phong Mount, Leu Cu,ancestors opened the ways to settle village and build careers

Cao Lao Ha – The depth of culture of a village

Cao Lao Ha people who work far away from home must have remembered an image from the childhood, when they were given a sticky rice dish on their hand by mothers or grandmothers.

Part of me

Topic: Tell me about your past experience(s) and how it shaped who you are

Cao Lao Tu pagoda

Cao Lao Ha is the only village that has two pagodas at the same time. One pagoda used to be in the homeland, and the other is now located in Ho Chi Minh City, built by Hội Cao Lao Tương Tế (Lit. The Cao Lao Mutual Assistance Assosiation). It’s a cultural specific characteristic that must be studied and preserved.

Family shrines – A distinct cultural value of Cao Lao Hạ

Lưu Văn Lộc, a son of Cao Lao Hạ who currently works at Quảng Bình Department of Science and Technology, was the first one to write for caolaoha.com. Caolaoha.com thanks him and looks forward to his future contributions for the website.

Thanh MInh Festival in the Nghia Trung Con Cui (Con Cui cemetery )

Con Cui is a large ground in the field covered by stone wall which measured by 30x40 m (meters)

History of Cao Lao Hạ village

The history and development of Cao Lao Hạ is strongly tied to that of Quảng Bình province, a sacrosanct part of our fatherland Vietnam.


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