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Caolaoha.com - 2 year existing and developing summary report

Thứ hai - 19/11/2012 07:05
On this occasion, the Editorial Board would like to review the operation of the site in the past two years and proposed the development mission for the upcoming 2013.



Ladies and gentlemen!


2 years ago, in 24/10/2010, website caolaha.com was officially establishedwith much supporting from villagers, which was an indeed important event for our loved homeland, Cao Lao Ha village. Until now, the website has truly developed and proved its role in the development of Cao Lao Ha village. On this occasion, the Editorial Board would like to review the operation of the site in the past two years and proposed the development mission for the upcoming 2013.


 1.The main contributions for homeland from website


- First, the Web has been successful in collecting, preserving and introducing the value of the old village Cao Lao Ha, which is about the history, heritages, families, local language, customs, cultural traditions ... these are especially valuable materials. Thereby, all these value has been allowing all the generations of Cao Lao Ha learn more about the history of their homeland in order to be more proud, to love homeland more and deeper.


- Second, the website has conveyed the information and important events of home, families, and the outstanding acitivites of the Fellow Association  to all villagers in time and accuratly. As a result, the Website has really become cohesive bridge for Cao Lao Ha people any where, especially between the villagers at home with relatives being far from home.


- Third, the Web site also helped to mobilize the strength and the mentality of many villagers away from home with practical activities directly contributed to the village, such as help to rebuilt The Commune House,and help Luu Trong Lu Secondary School to reach the  national standards, construction of the roads, renovate and upgrade the worship houses. The comments for building their homeland such as the new rural plan, fishmeal factory construction plan, embellish of Gianh Ferry, Ngoi Ha underground, ... has attracted numerous villagers to participate and has been appreciated. Besides, the caolaoha.com fund which was created with clear objectives, transparent revenue and expenditure, has earned 54.7 million dong, from 110 groups and villagers, and has made28 payments of  41.3 million dong. All expenses for homeland.


- Next, the Website has created a healthy playground, an air of poems, lyrics, music and home which is very exciting, rewarding, educational. Thereby, it helps to revoke thelove, a sense of homeland; restore the beautiful traditional conventions such as studying spirit, respects for teachers, respects older people. .. There are many valuable articles which is not only educational but also have high artistic value, creating remarkable  impression in the heart of people.


Then, the web site has introduced many typical examples of homeland in such periods in the fields of military, scientific research, who work and study hard to become standard role for the generations to follow. Besides, the website initially introduced Cao Lao Ha with foreign countries through the translation into English articles with the participation of young generation of the village.


- Finally, the web site of the village has created a fun atmosphere after hours of hard study and work. The topic "Laughing with Cao Lao" in the forum is the most exciting topic which continue and develop the cultural traditions of old generations, in order to help  hard working Cao Lao people become more optimistic to overcome all the difficulties of life, etc .


Indeed, the contribution of the website for homeland is extremely huge, hard to measure. At this moment, it has been become one of the most famous website in Quang Binh province individually, and in Vietnam generally.


However, besides the achievement above, there are still some limitation in developing website such as: the information of village activities is not much, not enough for far from home villager’s demand; the way to approach the website is not appropriate; the participation of young generation of village is not enough; the fellow association contacts is has not been established yet; there is a huge lack of information of big family, master, Dr.; there are sill numerous invaluable comments without contribution attention;… Editorial Board would put much effort to find the solution in next year.


 2.The statistics about the operation of the website


The number of  access in website is: 460,000 turns, an average statistics of two years is 830 turns per day, especially in recent months there has been over 1000 visits per day (this figure is based on IP). Guests  accessing is from 82 countries and territories; In order of 10 largest countries, there are Vietnam, America, China, Australia, Russia, Germany, Japan, France, the Netherlands, South Korea, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Singapore.


The number of official registered members is nearly 500 people. Number of writing contributors is up to nearly onehundred people of all ages, jobs; many of whom are people outside the village.  Writing topic is abudant and diverse including: the history, culture, suggestions, collect, compose ... with all other forms of prose,  poetry, music, pictures, video ...


The number of articles have been published over 800 articles, average 1.07 posts / day, so each day has a new post. Each post attracted many comments, one has nearly 500 comments.


These figures above show that the love of villagers for their homeland and for the site is respected and appropriated. The editors always believe that not only those directly write articles, participate in comments, but also those accesses and read the news, articles on the site contribute to the site.


 3.The development mission for the upcoming 2013.  


About general orientation for the year 2013, the website will continue to develop according to the objectives, the criteria set out since its establishment, that is: to contribute along with village integrated mobilization of resources for developing home; land collect, conserve and store of the village's cultural values ​​over time; convey information from home as well as from the Fellow Council of incense; connect villagers in all parts of Vietnam; promoting homeland’s value with friends . 


To follow the orientation above, the website will continue to develop and improve the regular categories in 2 years; especially in particular to encourage collaborators widen the topic, new categories to help caolaoha.com more plentiful in contents (however the subject must adhere to the criteria of the site). 


With the limited resources in 2013, the editorial board will determine to develop the website according to the motto: (1) the easy things must be done before, the hard work done after; (2) the event with small expense will be held first; (3) urgent work will be pay most attention; (4) finding the quickest and best solution for particular work, to ensure feasibility. With the motto on the editorial board scheduled specific activities in year 2013 as follows: 


- Contributed with the villages, the website board will help to bring Gianh Ferry ruins in to the plan of the Quang Binh Province. The construction of the monument can not be done immediately, but being put into planning is a huge success. This problem is initiated in the year with a series on Ferry Gianh and Hoi Ha underground. Continue promoting the heritage of Thanh Loi relic (currently in process to be claimed as national monument).

- Implement to translate several ancient bibliography. Currently we have discovered some ancient records of the history of our village, these documents will be translated in 2013.

-Launch a competition among the younger generation which  compose about landscapes, life, home. This competition will try to seek funding to get the reward for the candidates

- Support the  Huong Sac Cao Lao Club to publish a general poetry for poets to encourage old villagers in the countryside, contributing more to cultural activities of the village, bringing an example for young generations. Caolaoha.com Fund has funded and start to deprecate permission from Writers Association. Poetry is expected to be published in early 2013 with about 40 authors in and outside the village

Continue to support the movement of studing and hospitality; help disadvantaged families, within the ability of the website.


The above writing is a summary of the Editorial Board, please report to community caolaoha.com for discussion and supplement. Sincerely thank you.


Ha Noi, October 24th, 2012

On behalf of the Editorial Board :

Lưu Đức Hải

Tác giả bài viết: Lưu Đức Hải. Dịch ra tiếng Anh: Lê Hồng Anh

Từ khóa: Lê Hồng Anh
Thành Đức- - 23/11/2012 20:54
Cám ơn cháu Hồng Anh nhé. Cháu là đại diện cho thế hệ trẻ Cao Lao ngày nay; thế hệ bác rất mừng vì có những bạn trẻ như các cháu
luugiahan- - 24/11/2012 11:15
Lê Hồng Anh đi làm chưa? Làm chổ mô rứa?
Lê Mai Anh- - 01/07/2013 06:42
Anh Hồng Anh tham gia dịch nhiệt tình quá, Anh làm ơ đâu rứa anh?
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